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​2018 Court Dates 9:30am at the Polk County Courthouse:

The mission of the Pleasant Hope Police Department is to provide the community and visitors with the highest quality of law enforcement services. We continually improve the public’s perception of community safety through eradication of criminal activity and any conditions that have a detrimental impact on public safety. The Department will accomplish this task while using the Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS) model.
Providing this service to the public will be conducted in an efficient and effective manner, consistent with statutory authority, available budgeted resources and professional skills. The Department recognizes its members as its most valuable resource, and will strive to maintain the quality of public service through committed leadership, supervisory direction, career development, succession planning and training.

The Pleasant Hope Police Department will continue to grow, adapt and evolve as we provide the highest level of service and protection to our residents and the visitors of our community.
With this vision in mind, we will achieve and surpass them by providing our officers and employees with the knowledge, tools and opportunities to meet and exceed all present and future needs of the City, within the scope of law enforcement services. We will work in cooperation with our community to proactively identify and address areas of needed improvement, and to continually provide the level of service and safety deserved by our City, its residents and visitors.

Being dedicated to quality, timeliness and excellence in our service to the community.
Candor, honesty, and ethical behavior by the members of our department.
Having pride in our work, in our dedication to public service, and being the best we can be.
Both personal and organizational integrity as being essential to the maintenance of the Pleasant Hope Police Department.
Community-Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS) that involves a partnership between the police and public in problem solving and crime prevention.
Honesty, integrity, and consistent discipline within our organization to maintain our credibility with the community.
A partnership with the citizens of Pleasant Hope in making the City safe for all to work, live and visit.
The opportunity to provide service to our community in a manner which is fair, courteous, responsive and efficient.
Innovative, creative and proactive approaches in meeting the demands of our crime prevention and law enforcement responsibilities.
The need to engage in strategic and future planning and to keep abreast of the latest in law enforcement technology.
The need to treat people with respect and dignity, regardless of their age, race, gender, appearance, individual beliefs or life style.
Sensitivity is the key quality that we should bring to our interaction with the public and other agencies in the criminal justice system with whom we interact.

               HOME OF THE PIRATES

            Jeffrey Inmon
          Sergeant #2226
Officer Terin Cantrell #2228

Officer Billie Deckard #2227
    Reserve Officers:
111 W Adams Ave
 Pleasant Hope, Missouri 65725
(417) 267-4252
                             THE RED DOOR DINER
The City of Pleasant Hope Missouri is looking for a Full-Time Chief of Police
 to work days and be responsible for policy development, control, supervision, and program implementation of the Pleasant Hope Police Department and will be held accountable for the effective delivery of police services to the community. This position will be exempt and currently would manage a staff of up to four officers/reserve officers. The starting salary will be determined by experience. $29,120 to $33,280.

Desirable Training and Experience:
1.Must be at least 21 years of age.
2.Must have a High School Diploma or G.E.D.
3.Must not have any Felony Convictions.
4.Must be a Citizen of the United States.
5.Must possess a valid Missouri Driver’s License.
6.Must be a resident of Polk County.
7.Must be POST Certified with Missouri Department of Public Safety.
8.Must have at least 24 months of full-time law enforcement/patrol officer experience.
9.Must submit to and pass a background check.
10.Military experience or some college preferred.
11.Prior supervisor experience preferred.
12.Must complete a minimum of 6 month probationary period from the date of hire.

A complete Job Description can be viewed at www.cityofpleasanthope.com Municipal Code Chapter 150 Section 150.200. 

Please send a detailed resume of certifications and experience to Mayor Richard Harralson, PO Box 56, Pleasant Hope, MO 65725 or it can be dropped off at City Hall, 5492 Highway H, Suite C, Pleasant Hope, MO 65725 or email to cclerklynn@yahoo.com