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Water and Wastewater  
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Welcome to the City of Pleasant Hope Water and Wastewater Department. It is our responsibility to see that the Citizens of Pleasant Hope are provided with safe drinking water and a reliable sanitary sewer system. Our water is provided by two wells which pump water into our standpipe for storage and distribution. The water is chlorinated for disinfection purposes and chlorine levels are checked every day. Our water quality is tested monthly at the Department of Natural Resources Laboratory at Jefferson City.Our sewer system is a  basic Force Main with four lift stations that pump into a two cell lagoon that is located north of Pleasant Hope. Ph and dissolved oxygen samples are tested twice a week at the lagoon and monthly monitoring of biochemical oxygen demand levels are also performed.If you have any questions or comments on our water or wastewater system feel free to contact Troy Copeland for more information.
Guidelines for Citizen Participation in Connection with Water/Sewer Issues

In an effort to make the meeting efficient and meaningful to all who are present in the audience, the following guidelines apply when addressing the City Council.


If you would like to address the City Council on any kind of water or sewer issue please complete the attached form and present to the City Clerk no later than noon on the Thursday before the regularly scheduled City Council Meeting. City Council meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month.

The City Clerk will pull a copy of your account history, make copies of your written request form and put you on the agenda to speak.

When you are recognized by the Mayor or the Board President, please stand and face the Council. If you are unable to stand, you may address the City Council from your seat. Please speak loudly so that everyone can hear you.

Provide your name and address at the beginning of your remarks for the formal meeting minutes.

A time limit of three minutes is given to anyone wishing to address the City Council.

It is the Council’s policy to not respond to or engage in dialogue with the speakers concerning their issues, although the Mayor may direct speakers to the City Clerk or an appropriate City Department head for help with the issue.

Speakers must be respectful to the City Council, staff, and others in the audience. Therefore, any speaker who uses foul, abusive or inappropriate language will be stopped and will not be allowed to continue with their comments. The speaker will be ordered to be seated and to be quiet. If the speaker refuses to comply with these directives, the speaker may be ordered to leave the building. 
January 17, 2012     download request form

Pleasant Hope Water and Sewer Customers Lynn Esser presented Council with a request to purchase an “auto draft” module from WaterWorks that would allow customers to have their water bills automatic drafted from the customer’s account each month.

 Annual Water Quality Report 
available for viewing at http://dnr.mo.gov/ccr/MO0501650.pdf  
Paper copy of the report is available at City Hall.

 Lynn Esser City
Clerk City of Pleasant Hope
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